Newcastle OY4 - O'Donnelltown Rock - East (West Wallsend)

Newcastle OY4 - O'Donnelltown Rock - East (West Wallsend)
Event Date: 2024-06-02
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
EVENT: NOY4 O'Donnelltown Rock - East (West Wallsend)
DATE: Sunday 2nd June 2024
STARTS: 9:30 am -11:30 am. COURSE CLOSURE: 1:00 pm

LOCATION: O'Donnelltown Rd, West Wallsend GPS: 32°54'14.8S 151°34'00.1E.

DIRECTIONS: From West Wallsend travel 750m west along O'Donnelltown Rd.

PARKING: Parking will be along O'Donnelltown Rd before the bridge over the M1 motorway.

START/FINISH: There is a 680m walk to the start from the assembly area. The walk is flat along the road that goes north from O'Donnelltown Rd and under the M1 Motorway. Also, there is a 560m walk from the finish back to the assembly area along this same road.

MAP: O'Donnelltown Rock - East. Scale 1:10000 for all courses. 5m contours.

Hard Long - 6.1km, 250m climb, 18 controls (with a map flip)
Hard Medium - 4.4km, 220m climb, 13 controls (with a map flip)
Hard Short - 2.9km, 110m climb, 9 controls
Moderate Long - 2.4km, 75m climb, 12 controls
Moderate Short - 1.6km, 45m climb, 9 controls
Easy - 1.6km, 65m climb, 10 controls
Very Easy - 1.9km, 65m climb, 11 controls

CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS: are printed on the maps. Copies will be available at registration.

⦁ The area covered by the O'Donnelltown Rock - East map is fairly hilly and is traversed by several large powerlines. It is basically spur-gully terrain with several watercourses where the vegetation is thicker. There are some areas of rock toward the top of the hills.
⦁ This area hasn't been used for foot orienteering for some time. Much of the vegetation detail on the map has NOT been updated.
⦁ There is a lot of rubbish dumped in the area that is covered by this map. So much so that it is not that useful as a navigation feature. Other rubbish has NOT been mapped. Car wrecks are mapped with a black cross.
⦁ If there has been rain in the week leading up to the event then expect to get wet feet.
⦁ The Very Easy and Easy courses have two streamer trails. These are shown on the relevant maps with pink/purple dashes and in the forest by blue and white streamers.
⦁ There are no toilets at the event.

SPECIAL MAP SYMBOLS: Black cross = car wreck.

SAFETY BEARING: South until you can see and/or hear the M1 Motorway. Alternatively, head to the middle of the map to find the open areas under the powerlines.


COURSE PLANNER: Malcolm Roberts VETTER: Carolyn Matthews

RESTRICTIONS: Dogs, smoking and fires are prohibited from ALL parking, assembly and competition areas during this event.

ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: We need at least 5 volunteers to help collect controls. If you haven't assisted with this task before, please consider volunteering for this role. Even if you're not an experienced helper, you can still play a vital part in retrieving some of the controls. (Novices are exempt from this request, but we encourage everyone else to lend a hand!)

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Sunday, June 2, 2024