Jo wins back-to-back bake offs

Jo Parr went back-to-back winning another wooden spoon to join her 2017 spoon. 2016 runner-up Tracy Marsh got the crumbs despite starting so late that her entry had to use a munching start. Jo confirmed that her kitchen is currently being rebuilt completely to feature a trophy cabinet as the wins pile up.

El Presidente is dead, long live El Presidente

Michael Roylance has succeeded Andy Simpson as El Presidente of Big Foot in a peaceful transition. In his new role as Absolute Tyrant we can look forward to the e-bike class at MTBO going on to better things, together with a division for killer robots in Metro League.

Formerly president of Mountain Devils 2nd in their final year, Michael will bring his can-do mentality and enthusiasm to a role where his predecessor seemed to have run out of both.

Ali's Easter 3rd place secures JWOC berth

Alastair George finished 3rd in a hot field in M20E to get a place on the Junior World Champs team. After 4 days of competition, Ali was less than 3 minutes down on class favourite Aston Key.

Other Big Feet who snatched a place on the podium and received one of the troublesome towels were:

Lucy Mackie named Orienteering Australia athlete of the year

Lucy Mackie added to her silverware collection at the weekend despite being unable to compete as she recovers from pre-season surgery. Orienteering Australia named Lucy as the athlete of the year following her silver-medal winning performance at the Junior World MTBO champs in 2017.

Yay for Lucy, who has been having some surgery to repair damage done to her shoulder through too many podium hugs, such as this disturbing incident at the end of the World MTBO champs:

State League 2, Snows Hill

Thanks for coming, heat, wind and dust nothwithstanding.

Half the organisers only got home between 8 & 9 after an epic day, so apologies for the late results.

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Note: the RouteGadget bug is now fixed smiley so if you hadn't got it working before, try again.

Thanks to the Big Foot team for all their help today and also Maggie, Savanna and Gareth for control collecting help.

To anyone who got very lost - join the club. The planner and controller both got lost whilst setting and a group of three with over 100 years orienteering experience between them managed to get lost while trying to check a control this arvo.

Special thanks to Simon, Eoin and Cath who both visited the area on multiple occasions. It is a 3 hour drive from Sydney, so that is a lot of their time invested.

Summer Series #27, Devlins Creek

  Name   Club Gross Penalty Time Score
1 Andy Hill OM WH 600 0 41:29 600
2 James McQuillan MM WH 600 0 43:06 600
3 Richard Morris VM BN 580 0

State League - Snow Hills, Sunday 18th March

It's a wrap - see results here


Sydney Sprint #1, Wildflower Gardens

Thanks for coming out to St Ives on a stinking hot day. Great course setting by Ali and Ewan. Thanks to Ranger Den - not only a legend but also great to work with.


Results by course below.

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