Metro League Wrap

Thanks to one man band Miles for today's event, a massive effort.

Links to results in various formats are below.

LiveLox | AttackPoint | Big Foot | WinSplits | Eventor | Rankings

Thanks to Blacktown Council for giving us access for today's event.

The rankings commissioners will be examining how a pot-hunting Bart Vonhoff grabbed so many points on Div 4.

[Note about RouteGadget & LiveLox:

  • RouteGadget is a free application that allows users to post gps or hand-drawn routes against maps and then see where they and/or others went.
  • LiveLox is a commercial application (free for your own course) that does something similar, but only for gps routes.
  • LiveLox is tightly linked to Eventor. This reduces the burden for results administration compared to RouteGadget.
  • RouteGadget has a Java based admin interface that only works on Intenet Explorer and is a PITA to use.
  • Expect to see less RouteGadget and more LiveLox from Big Foot.]