NOL - SA Long Distance Champions...

NOL - SA Long Distance Champions...
Event Date: 2021-04-25
At: Murtho
Club: Some dodgy club ?
The 3 events over the weekend use the same payment system - so you can enter all events at once if required


NOL for elite classes - format - long distance loop race

SA Long Championships for all classes.

Refer to Bulletin 1 - in addition for the current NOL Guidelines and the calculation of points for the senior and junior classes refer to

NOL courses for classes M21E, W21E, M20E and M18A have HAVE MORE THAN 30 CONTROLS. So ensure you have a suitable SI Card

Draft Course - Class Information in the attached document.
Mass start for the 4 Elite courses - each will have a separate mass start (first start at 9:30AM for M21E)

This area is embargoed for all competitors

Water on courses - competitors are highly encouraged to carry their own water. However water/drinks are also catered for as follows

Loop races (Courses 1 - 3) - these will pass through the start on the courses, athletes may leave personal refreshments at the start
Water on courses (all Hard and Moderate courses including NOL) - if you are not able to carry your own water, you can request water be provided on your courses by ordering the Water Service. Drinks will be provided according to numbers order in sealed commercially available bottles of water. More details will be provided closer to the event.

No water will be provided on Courses 15 and 16 (10A and 12A classes)

For Event Fees - see attached document.

Sunday, April 25, 2021