Metro League #4 - Darks Common

Thanks to everybody for coming and some who didn't, particularly Miles Ellis who stepped up at the last moment to plan the courses. The only lost property was a black beanie. A great contrast between the burnt and the unburnt.

All the results you could want to poke a stick at:

Winsplits | AttackPoint | Eventor | Ranking Points | RouteGadget (no road-crossing fiddle)| Big Foot

and there is more...

Sorry that the road-crossing time was too short, but nobody got squashed as flat as a pancake which was the objective.

<rant>Today's event provided a great example of the structural problems with the Metro League as a club competition. Previous attempts to reform the comp have died in the desire for... who knows what. No real hope of change, but just for the record and from the record: div 1 - U Ringers defeated Big Foot despite only having 2 members of their club, whilst Big Foot had a full team. div 4 had a club plying itself - Go GO ! div 5 had a whole team that appeared to be empty today, so no competition for them or their opponents today. There were also teams that were playing two matches at one time - what the hell is that about ? If only we had a model intra-club competition in individual timed sports like cross-country that we could learn from. </rant>