Sydney Olympic Park sprint-O - results available


We've go Attackpoint,we've got  RouteGadget, we've got plain old plain flavour , we've got ordered by LottyClass we've even got ranking points.

Apologies to those who were dq'd and didn't find out about it until now. A couple didn't clear. Someone didn't punch the start. For some the first was the last. A few people seemed to have skipped a control, a few people must have illegally reached over at #10  - the AttackPoint splits show the story.

A complaint was received about the actions of several competitors who gained advantage, whether deliberately or not, by crossing or reaching over out of bounds. The organiser has chosen to take no further action, but competitors are asked to learn and obey the rules of sprint orienteering before attending future sprint discipline races. Anybody who wants to disqualify themselves, feel free to dob yourself in, the official results in Eventor will be updated, but other results (RouteGadget, AttackPoint etc) will be left as they are.

RouteGadget Reminder

A quick reminder that RouteGadget is still around and is provided for nearly all Big Foot events, including this weekend's Sprint-O.

If you haven't seen the new features yet, some of them are featured here:

Top turns in toasty Tassie

Oceania relay M45-49 2nd and third

The weather in Tasmania has been hot, but not quite hot enough to prevent the first major events of the Oceania carnival - sprint, relay and middle-distance. Big Feet have put in some great performances and have collected a fair amount of winners fudge between them.


Rankings: 2014 ends with a tie at the top

Josh is back

2014 saw the Big Pink Rankings finish with Simon Uphill and Josh Blatchford tied at the top and kiwi Lizzie Ingham just pipping Taswegian Hanny Alston as top female orienteer.

Josh has been rebuilding fitness after some gnarly leg surgery and his middle and short distance form is starting to look solid - he rounded off the year by defeating reigning Big Foot Sprints champion Christian Tingström to take out the ultra-sprint finale of the Christmas 5 days.

Cockatoo Island Sprint-O Results

Cumulative results for the whole 5 days are here

Results are in Eventor here.

Splits are on AttackPoint here.

RouteGadget is here

Big Foot Sprints - results

Thanks to Simon - a massive effort on Christmas Eve, rewarded by the great turnout of people in good spirits. The big chocolate went overseas to Christian Tingström of Switzerland and to Viktoria Ernstsson of Sweden. Well done guys.

Cumulative results are here.

Kiwi Greg squeezes into Big Foot team for Australia-NZ challenge

Greg's passport collection

NSWOA president Greg Barbour will be the only Big Foot to represent New Zealand in the Australia-New Zealand challenge to be held in Tasmania in January, running against club-mates Tracy Marsh, Cath Chalmers, Paul Marsh, Eoin Rothery, Michael Burton and Andy Simpson.

Asked about the Kiwiness of Greg, his M45 team-mate Bill Edwards said "He's as Kiwi as I am eh, to be sure, to be sure. Bro"

Bring it on and don't go half pie !


Summer Series #9, Hunts Creek

Thanks to Michael Roylance who planned and organised the event at Hunts Creek and thanks to most* people for coming.

RouteGadget is available here

Results and splits are here


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