Big Foot Sprints 2022 - 25th anniversary special!

Big Foot Sprints XXV

Join us for the 25th anniversary of Big Foot Sprints on Sunday 18 December 2022.

Courses are being set by Jock Davis at the Ingleside Scout Camp.


4pm to 5pm window for queuing starts for the first course.

6pm trigger for the true-ish chasing start final.

Second course closure 7:30pm.

Assembly location: 4 Bloodwood Road INGLESIDE.  Toilets are available on site. 

BYO water.

The courses are run on a mixture of bush tracks, bush and open ground.

What to wear?: Pink or 90's Retro encouraged, to celebrate 25 years of this fab event.  

Control descriptions will be on the maps and, at this stage, will be available at the event.

Enter via Eventor:

There will be no enter on day (EOD).

Entries close 11:59pm Wednesday 15th December 2022


Seniors: $15 Member of an orienteering club, $19 Non-member.

Under 21 (as at 31/12/2022): $10 members, $14 non-member.

SportIdent stick hire will be available for $4. Lost rental sticks will be charged at $40 plus a polite rebuke and, when you are not looking, rolling of eyes.



The Time

The Place

The boy

The girl

1997 Darks Common Mike Billinghurst (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
1998 Billenbenbong Creek Jock Davis (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
1999 Riverview Alan Garde (NC) Julie Calder (BF)
2001 The Big Show Neil Prosser (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
2002 Darks Common Robbie Preston (NC) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
2003 The Big Show Jock Davis (BF) Grace Elson (WR)
2004 Beecroft Park Andrew Hill (WHO) Jo Parr (BF)
2005 The Big Show Andrew Hill (WHO) Carol Osborne (BF)
2006 Darks Common Dave Meyer (SH) Yelena Fairfax (MF)
2007 The Big Show

Jock Davis (BF)

Jo Parr (BF)

2008 UTS Lindfield and Lane Cove NP

Dave Shepherd (RR)

Jo Allison (RR)

2009 Nurragingy Jock Davis (BF) Tracy Marsh (BF)
2010 Olympic Park Lachlan Dow (BS) Tracy Marsh (BF), Lisa Grant (GO)
2011 The Big Show Josh Blatchford (NC) Cath Chalmers (BF)
2012 Darks Common Patrik Gunnarsson (BF) Tracy Marsh (BF)
2013 Sydney University Andrew Brown (BF) Rachel Effeney (UG)
2014 The Big Show Christian Tingström (Göteborg Majorna OK) Viktoria Ernstsson (Göteborg Majorna OK)
2015 Bicentennial Park Toby Wilson (GO) Marina Iskhakova (BN)
2016 Crimson Hill Julian Dent (CC) Shannon Jones (AO)
2017 Nurragingy Aidan Dawson (GO) Lisa Grant (GO)
2018 Macquarie Hospital Ewan Shingler (BF) Michele Dawson (GO)
2019 Callan Park Alastair George (BF) Nea Shingler (BF)
2020* Ferretville Ewan Shingler (BF) Nea Shingler (BF)
2021 Showtime Ewan Shingler (BF) Nea Shingler (BF)
2022 Ingleside Scout Camp Ryan Gray (UG) Nea Shingler (BF)

Race not held in 2000, by special request of Juan, to avoid reducing quality of competition at the Olympics.

*2020 race held in 2021 due to COVID-19