Metro League wrap

Thanks to everyone who came to the St Ives showgrounds today, great weather and a variety of orienteering experiences. 

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Special thanks to two competitors who retained a good sense of humour under testing circumstances - Curtis Millar who did something horrible to his ankle (hope they can sew that foot back on) and  Schyler Tkatchew who returned to orienteering on the tricky Div 2 course, starting at the end of the field and collected a lot of the controls  charcoal, but came back with a massive grin.

Especial thanks to Ku-ring-gai council for access to the area, organiser Amanda Mackie, controller Jock Davis and Miles Ellis who was planner/organiser/controller for most of the previous 3 attempts at this event, the Metro League draw which gave us a bye in Div 1 and the diminished crew of Big Feet for helping out at the event.