Newcastle OY2 - Redgum Ridges (Freemans Waterhole)

Newcastle OY2 - Redgum Ridges (Freemans Waterhole)
Event Date: 2024-04-21
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
EVENT: NOY2 - Freemans Waterhole
DATE: Sunday 21 April 2024
STARTS: 9:30 am -11:30 am.  COURSE CLOSURE: 1:00 pm

MAP: Redgum Ridges. 1:10 000. 5m contours.


DIRECTIONS: From M1 take the Toronto Exit (Palmers Rd) then head west towards Freeman’s Waterhole. From Cessnock travel to Freemans Waterhole and turn left at the roundabout heading towards Toronto. The event is on the southern side 1.5km along Palqmer’s Rd.

Give plenty of indication when turning. It is a 90 km per hour road.

PARKING: There will be some parking near the assembly in the area previously used west of the main gate. When this fills up there is some off road parking located 1km west of the freeway junction (150m after the private road, and immediately after you cross the concrete bridge on the road). Turn left into a small parking area which may hold 30-40 cars depending on weather. It is a 500m walk west to the assembly. If these locations are full vehicles will need to park on the southern side of the main road (Palmers Rd), well before and well after the main gate. Park as far off the edge of the main road as possible and take extra care when opening doors. Please keep away from the main gate entrance as landholders have requested access.
Another possibility is to park at Freemans Waterhole, 1.5 kms west, and use it as your warm up and cool down run, or arrange to carpool from the Lake Macquarie Memorial Park at Ryhope (just east of the Freeway junction) where there is plenty of parking. Thank you for your help.

ASSEMBLY: Inside main gate. GPS: -32.98862, 151.50169

COURSES: There are two starts. The start for Very Easy, Easy and both Moderate courses is 50m east of the assembly. The start for the Hard courses will follow a streamer trail east then south - 500m and 40m climb from the assembly.

Hard Long - 6.7km, 185m climb, 21 controls
Hard Medium - 4.8km, 160m climb, 18 controls
Hard Short - 3.3km, 90m climb, 14 controls
Moderate Long - 3.8km, 135m climb, 15 controls
Moderate Short - 2.7km, 110m climb, 14 controls
Easy - 1.9km, 60m climb, 10 controls
Very Easy - 2.0km, 50m climb, 10 controls

CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS: Printed on the maps and separate ones available.

The Redgum Ridges map features intricate detail in watercourses and lower slopes, separated by steep ridges. Tracks are mostly restricted to the ridge lines. Some of the indistinct tracks are overgrown and may be less visible. The bush is mostly open and very runnable in most parts. Some areas may be greener than shown with visibility somewhat lower than previous events.
Some watercourses are deeply eroded with steep to vertical sides. These can be difficult to cross and be slippery.
Derelict barbed wire fences parallel many of the tracks - some are marked with red tape.
If heavy rain precedes the event some creeks may be difficult to cross.
Full cover is recommended.
Leeches have been encountered during setting.
Trail bikes are active and there is an access road through the course to a neighbour's house (south from the main gate) that most runners will cross or use during their course. Keep out of their way.
SPECIAL MAP SYMBOLS: X = wreckage; O = survey post.
No toilets at the event. Nearest are at Freemans Waterhole.
SAFETY BEARING: North to the main track.


PLANNING: Steven Roberts. VETTING: Andrew Power

Thanks to State Forests and adjacent landholders the Sheedy and Cleary families for allowing us access.

At least 3 HELPERS are needed for parking and 5 HELPERS are needed to collect controls.

Note: Dogs, smoking and fires are prohibited from ALL parking, assembly and competition areas.

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Sunday, April 21, 2024